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Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test System

MagStream products are only available in Australia and New Zealand. Please contact your local representative or Fujirebio Inc. Tokyo for further information.

MagStream HT

MagStrem HT is the exclusive analyzer for Fujirebio Fecal Immunochemical Test, MagStream HemSp®.

  • Fully automated operation
  • Large processing capability
  • Sample barcode on-line
  • User friendly exclusive sampling device
  • Easy operation with wide LCD touch screen
  • Built-in Quality Control function


Principle Magnetic Particle Agglutination
Through put 960 tests per hour
Number of sample on board 400 samples(40 Racks x 10 samples)
Dimensions (mm) 970 (W) ×750 (D) ×650 (H)
Weight 165Kg
Memory Capacity 2,000,000 Test Results

Reagents and supplies for MagStream HemSp

  • MagStream HemSp® (Test kit)
  • NEW HEMTUBE(B) (Fecal Sampling Device)
  • Hemoglobin Control (for MagStream HT)
  • MagStream Microplate V



MagStream HemSp®

Magnetic Particle Agglutination Test for the Detection of Human Hemoglobin in Fecal sample

  • 8 mL X 4

MagStream HemSp® is an in-vitro diagnostic test kit for the detection of human hemgoglobin in fecal sample. This test is based on the magnetic particle agglutination, a method using magnetic particles for particle agglutination reaction. After incubation of specimens (fecal extracted sample) with magnetic gelatin particles coated with anti-human hemoglobin antibodies (solid phase), the solid particles are collected in the center of microplate wells by magnetic attraction. The microplate is inclined about 60 degrees and examined for change in particle aggregates. In the presence of human hemoglobin in a specimen, the particles remain aggregated in the spot with minimal change (positive result). In the absence of human hemoglobin, however, particles flow down the slope (negative result). The appearance of particle aggregates is interpreted by MagStream HT, full automated analyzer with 960 tests/hour through-put, excusive use for MagStream HemSp®. MagStream System is suitable for large volume immunological Fecal Occult Blood Testing.


Store at 2~10℃. Do not freeze
Expiry date : two years after manufacturing


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