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Environmental and Quality Declaration

Fujirebio, Inc. takes all possible measures toward environmental protection and improvement, and strives for symbiosis with nature and the local community. As a manufacturer of clinical diagnostic products, Fujirebio contributes to medical treatment and life sciences worldwide. To ensure continued customer support and trust, all of Fujirebio's activities are conducted based on the following guidelines:

Environmental Policy

1. Creation of Environmentally Friendly Products

In an effort to respect the environment at all stages of activity (from product design to disposal), Fujirebio strives to manufacture products that are friendly to the environment.

2. Prevention and Abatement of Pollution

Fujirebio actively confronts the issues of pollution prevention and abatement by implementing thorough safety measures in the management of chemical and microbiological substances.

3. Energy Saving, Resource Conservation and Recycling

Each of Fujirebio's divisions is committed to waste elimination through the promotion of energy saving, resource conservation, and recycling.

4. Regulation Compliance

Fujirebio fully observes and complies with all environmental protection laws, regulations, ordinances and agreements at the national, regional and local levels.

5. Review and advancement of Environmental Management System (EMS)

Fujirebio periodically reviews its environmental objectives and sets goals to ensure the continuous advancement of its EMS.

6. Specification of Organization and Authority

Fujirebio's written outline of specifications of organization and authority concerning the EMS constitutes the pillar around which all company members base their actions. Fujirebio expects its partners to support the terms of this policy.

Quality Policy

1. We, employees and management of the Fujirebio Group, are committed to understanding the requirements and expectations of our customers, to thinking from their standpoint and to implementing all of our actions in compliance with the regulations and standards of each of the countries where we develop our business and export our products.

2. We are dedicated to providing our customers and patients with safe and effective products, services and information of the highest quality.

3. We strive to maintain a progressive leadership in terms of the quality of all the products and services we provide.

4. We foster and uphold a strong quality-focused attitude throughout our organization and group company activity.

5. We promote the continual improvement of QMS in our entire organization.


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